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EP15: James Nord of FOHR on Influencer Etiquette


When it comes to brands and PR agencies working with influencers, business etiquette is at the forefront of the crusade. And if there is one company that is paving the way on how influencers and brands interact, it is FOHR, a self serve online platform that gets the best influencers booked by major brands. In this episode we sit down with co-founder, James Nord (ahem, social media guru!) to talk all things business. Did you know that brands and PR Agencies have a “Do Not Work With..” List? Yeah! We’ll even dive into how not to get on that list, and how to keep clients coming back for more. It’s been a while since we do a how-to business episode, so you’re in for the course of your life.

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Next Episode : Wednesday, March 20, 2019 // Produced by: Stephen Jacobs 

Idalia Salsamendi