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Looking to become more aware of what's happening both behind the scenes and far beyond the elusive gates of the fashion industry? Tune in Wednesdays (bi-weekly) as Idalia Salsamendi, business strategist to top influencers and fashion houses, explores her refreshingly honest and direct take on hot topics with key thought leaders impacting the world. Never miss an episode—subscribe, rate and review!

EP6: Chrissie Fit on A One Way Ticket to Hollywood

MIA >>> LA

Ever thought about buying a one way ticket out of your hometown to pursue your wildest dreams? On the sixth episode of Realization, Idalia sheds some light about her journey to Los Angeles and how sometimes what you set out for isn’t necessarily what will come to be. Listen in as she brings one of her best friends, Chrissie Fit (from Pitch Perfect and Teen Beach Movie), into the conversation. These two sat side by side on their flight from Miami to LA, and thirteen years later their friendship is stronger than ever. With a little patience, a lot of hard work, and a true friend by your side, the impossible magically becomes possible. Get ready to feel inspired and motivated as these ladies explain the importance of creating opportunities and not waiting for life to happen.

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Next Episode: Wednesday, November 6th, 2018 // Produced by: Shelby Jacobs and Stephen Jacobs 

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