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Seal The Deal Kit

The Seal-The-Deal Kit

Idalia Salsamendi, business strategist to the most recognizable and respectable social media stars and luxury fashion houses/brands shares the industry’s most crucial points when an influencer signs a brand deal. As well as what brands can look out for when presenting a contract to an influencer. This kit is for influencers and brands, alike! No one has dared put out this insider information before, and now it’s yours to have! Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you ready to start understanding what you’re signing and the legalities behind it? Are you ready to revise a contract like a industry veteran? Idalia puts her ten year contract experience in this Kit just for you! There’s nothing else as effective, sufficient, and professional online.

Kit includes :

  • An extremely detailed 25 minute audio overview of Idalia explaining from start to finish how a to confirm a PAID deal with a brand! That’s right! She goes beyond just what goes into a contract, and gives you never-published-before industry secrets that will have you booking job left and right! Plus she goes into the Contract Kit itself so that you feel extra secure and confident when signing your next brand deal.

  • A extensive twenty page presentation including:

    • The Introduction: Idalia starts the kit by carefully explaining what you should be expecting from this kit and why. She goes into details about what influencers should look out for when signing a brand contract, as well as what brands should look out for when presenting a contract to an influencer. Bring out your pen and paper! You're in for the online course of your life!

    • The Negotiation: Did you know that the negotiation sets the tone when working with a brand/influencer? Through Idalia’s consultations, she has found that most influencers shy away from the negotiation step for fear of losing a job. Fret not! “Negotiating” should not be something scary. This is the space where you and the brand can align with expectations. Idalia will show you to do it the kindest and most professional way possible.

    • The Rate Card : When Idalia interviewed brands and publicists on what influencers can do to make the booking process more streamline, hands down the most common answer was that the influencer had to be straight up with their rates from the start. Nothing should be left to chance. Idalia’s mock rate card will show influencers how to present rates to a brand.

    • The Terms and Conditions : Oh yeah, we said it! Every rate you give a brand should come with terms and conditions. But what does this even mean? And what is industry standard? Prepare yourself for the answers! And brands, heads up! This will impact the job in more ways you can imagine. By staying proactive on influencer Terms and Conditions, you too will now know what to look for and how to navigate the conversation.

    • The Contract : Tah-dah! You booked the job but now you have a five page contract with really small lettering and you don’t know where to start! Idalia goes into detail on what every agent looks for when signing a brand deal. She also explains key terminology so you know what you are signing! Added bonus? She shares insider information on how to revise contracts, and how to speak to brand afterwards. The best part about this is that this mock contract can work for brands and influencers alike!

    • The Booking Confirmation : But what if the brand you’re working with doesn’t have a contract and you have to provide your own? Here, Idalia gives you a sample Booking Confirmation you can send to the brand, plus best business practices when sending over your invoice.

    • The Added Bonus : Sure we can talk all the logistics we want, but understanding that every brand deal is an opportunity towards a more genuine brand relationship is key! The Kit concludes with some of Idalia’s most valuable and applauded advice when it comes to maintaining these relationships and building a genuine relationship that can last for years to come. Why stop at one job? Time to build something together. Let Idalia share with you top secrets she’s found most successful in the industry.

“This Kit has been in the back of my mind for over five years now. I always ask, why is there nothing online that can guide influencers without management to signing a contract with knowledge and kindness? My sole intention is to be part of the solution. Hopefully this Kit can stay on your desk for years to come and allow you to grow through experience.”

- Idalia Salsamendi

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