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Idalia’s Masterclass

Harper's Bazaar España

“Idalia is an expert consultant in image and communications. She advises fashion and beauty influencers 24/7 in the professional digital world and environment."

Brittany Xavier

"Idalia knows this industry inside and out and it’s always been so refreshing to get an outside perspective of my business. I would have to say this year has been one of my most successful ever thanks to her insight!"

Chriselle Lim

"I hired Idalia a few years ago as my Director of Business Development. Since then, our business has grown in ways I couldn’t even imagine. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field that is unmatched and I am truly grateful for the dedication, hard work, and passion she puts into her work."

Jacey Duprie

“Idalia acted as a fairy godmother to my company. She came in and waved her magic wand to help tidy up the loose ends of my small business with quick, practical advice. I like to think of Idalia as my business therapist who I can trust to give me honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t.”

Marie Cuypers Ecot / Roger Vivier

“I was lucky enough to get to work with Idalia on Roger Vivier’s very first influencer campaign. She walked me through the process and was extremely patient, answering my numerous questions. We’ve worked together for several years now and she always (over) delivers and is a pleasure to work with. Smart, quick and efficient, she knows and understands luxury fashion and she can be very persuasive!”

Caitlin Ni Chatnain / Valentino

“When I first met and worked with Idalia, I thought, “Wow she’s aggressive and oooh so smart!” Chriselle is even smarter for hiring her!”

Caroline De Saint Andre / Darphin

“I have worked with Idalia Salsamendi on several projects for Darphin and it has always been a real pleasure to work with her. Her business-oriented self is incredibly creative, efficient, reliable,and quick.”

Hillary Comstock / WhoWhatWear

“Idalia is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She’s one of the most passionate businesswomen I know and puts her entire self into her projects. I also admire her dedication to doing research for her clients and their work, as well as providing useful feedback. ”