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Instagram's Algorithm Kit

Unlocking Instagram's Algorithm Kit


Purchase Idalia’s Unlocking Instagram’s Algorithm Kit to maximize your Instagram account and prepare yourself for the future of Influencer Online Marketing!

Think about it this way: it’s what you would normally spend in Starbuck’s in a week, only this week you are investing in your future!

Idalia Salsamendi, business strategist to the most recognizable and respectable social media stars and luxury fashion houses/brands shares her vast knowledge and notes into one easy-to-understand kit. In a world where Instagram is constantly changing their algorithm, Engagement is decreasing, and brands are becoming smarter about how to hire Influencers, Idalia puts everything into perspective and educates you on what's really happening behind the scenes and why. This kit caters to small businesses, and micro/macro Influencers alike!


Kit includes :

  • An extensive twenty-two page presentation on the ins and outs of the industry, including:

    • The Introduction: Idalia starts the kit by carefully explaining what you should be expecting from this kit and why. She goes into details about the changes of the Influencer Online Marketing, and what you should be aware of. Bring out your pen and paper! You're in for the online course of your life!

    • Industry Terminology : By being able to speak like an industry professional, and understand industry terminology, consider yourself already ahead of the curve. Idalia points out the key terms to be familiar with and how they are/may affect not only your Instagram account, but your business. 

    • Identifying Spam/Ghost Followers : Is your engagement plummeting? Idalia helps you to identify your spam/ghost followers, and explains how and why they are hurting your engagement. Take caution! The industry is shifting from admiring those with massive amounts of fake followers, and shifting it's perspective with those who have authentic engagement!

    • How to Block Spam/Ghost Followers : Did you make the mistake of buying followers? Or are you simply confused on how you organically accumulated so many spam/ghost followers? Consider this your lucky day! Idalia can help reverse this evil spell, just get ready to do the work!

    • Calculating Your Engagement Rate : Scratching your head trying to figure out what your Engagement Rate is? Scratching your head even harder trying to figure out what your Engagement Rate should be? In this section of the kit, Idalia show's the mathematics behind the formula and details what percentage you should aim for and how.

    • What to Do Next? : Now that you've understood the language of the industry, and what's hurting your engagement, time to be pro-active! The key to success on Instagram is knowing what-to-do-next.

    • The Take-Away : Idalia provides additional resources and websites that she considers key in the industry. Your engagement journey doesn't end here, consider this the start of a whole new world! 

“Wow! Can you believe how far Instagram has come? I'm so happy you're purchasing this kit so that we can take this journey together. I'm honored to share my personal experience, knowledge, and insight on one of the industry's most confusing and critical aspects: Instagram's Algorithm. Ready to get to work?”

- Idalia Salsamendi

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