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As Director of Business Development, Idalia has taken Chriselle Inc. to a greater and more global level by pitching and uniting Chriselle Lim with the most prestigious fashion houses and beauty clients. Since uniting forces in 2016, they are said to be, “The power couple of the digital space". With a vast understanding of the digital market, Idalia has been able to expand on Chriselle’s already impeccable reputation and artistic eye. Turning small partnership opportunities to full blown extensive campaigns is part of Idalia’s speciality. With Idalia’s particular and knowledgeable background with high fashion houses and brands, uniting them more frequently and efficiently with Chriselle is also a key strategy point. In a recent article, Idalia explains her relationship with Chriselle as, “… A very authentic and genuine one. I know the tremendous responsibility on my shoulders with running a company like hers, and it’s something I do with great honor. To be able to pick up the phone and call a major luxury house and talk them through an initiative I’ve created and see it come to life, that’s exhilarating!”

Harper’s Bazaar describes Idalia as the women in control of the company’s sponsored content… an expert consultant in image and communications.

Also being a genuine and passionate philanthropist, Idalia created "12 Days of Chriselle" in order to unite brands, Chriselle, and charities together to raise money and awareness for those in need. With over $70,000 worth of donations to date, this special program is considered to be one of the biggest philanthropic successes within the digital influencer world. 


I hired Idalia a few years ago as my Director of Business Development. Since then, our business has grown in ways I couldn’t even imagine. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field that is unmatched and I am truly grateful for the dedication, hard work, and passion she puts into her work.
— Chriselle Lim


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