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By the age of 19, Idalia Salsamendi was already an account manager at Miami's most prestigious PR agency, The Agency, working on top accounts like The CollectionSimon Malls, and the MTV's Video Music Awards. In her mid-twenties she was living in Los Angeles and working as a model agent at Ford Models before landing herself at Next Model Management a couple of years after. Helping launch the careers of supermodels Lucky Blue Smith (booking him on his infamous Tom Ford campaign), and Erika Linder, Idalia was eager to see how the traditional modeling space could evolve and marry into the digital world. 

When she moved to New York City a few years later to run the Talent Division at Next Model Management NYC, she was immersed in representing the most influential of talent at the time : Danielle Bernstein, Shea Marie, Caroline Vreeland, Kristina Bazan, Arielle Charnas,  Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Helena Bordon, Nicky HiltonGala GonzalezHarley Viera-Newton, Langley Fox Hemingway, Larsen Thompson, Rumi Neely, and Pamela Anderson to name a few.

There she discovered her love for not only booking the most elusive and sought-after campaigns, but also in creating the key business strategy for them, securing their place in the fashion industry not only as "bloggers" but as true entrepreneurs and business women. If you've been following any of these top-tier talent throughout the years, you may be very well familiar when Danielle Bernstein first launched her capsule line with Onia, when Shea Marie became creative director for Candie's for a season, when Harley Viera-Newton snagged resident DJ for Swarovski, when Langley Fox Hemingway went to Cuba for Chanel's Cruise Show and brilliantly retold her great-grandfather's tales, when Pamela Anderson made a come-back on the fashion scene with her illustrious Alexander Wang campaign. With Idalia's expertise at the helm, she proved herself time and time again to not only think outside the box, but to also open unprecedented dialogue with brands to follow suit.  Ethically earning herself the impeccable reputation in the industry for being able to take a budding career and launching it beyond compare, Idalia knew she was ready to expand her business. Speaking three languages, and having her distinct reach be not only in the United States, but also in western Europe, Idalia transcends culture and timezones to propel businesses forward. 

 In the summer of 2016, with Next’s blessing, Idalia opened her company with business strategy for both brands and influencers at its core...


Idalia salsamendi inc.

"Salsamendi has notably helped evolve the digital space. She has the ear of some of the most powerful people in the industry, and she knows what to do with that responsibility..."

“She’s been behind almost every major digital job for the past five years. The biggest fashion influencers come to her for advice on how they should be working with brands, and the biggest fashion brands come to her for advice on how they should be working with influencers. She’s a powerhouse. She can literally make or break a career...”

Getting her own company off the ground and thriving came naturally to Idalia. She has conceived and executed powerful and effective campaigns for prestigious houses and brands such as:

Chopard or their Holiday 2018 Happy Hearts Campaign (seen here, here, here, and here), during their Cannes Film Festival partnership, and for their Ethical Gold Launch Campaign (seen here, here, here, and here)

Valentino with Cinc Studios for their Spike Bag New York Launch (seen here, here, and here), and their Holiday 2017 Digital Campaign (seen here, here, here, here, and here);

Cinq a Sept for their Holiday Campaign

Idalia also takes humble pride in creating impactful and outside-the-box business strategy for top influencers and entrepreneurs such as Brittany Xavier, Jacey Duprie, Lainy Hedaya, Caitlyn Warakomski, Christie Ferrari, Beau Dunn, Minh T, and Suzy Kellems Dominik to name a few. Idalia also handles all company strategy for Paris’ top boutique hotel, Amastan which has been acclaimed by Conde Nast Traveler and The Louis Vuitton City Guide.  

Idalia fully embraces that every brand has an unique and special story to tell and thus every project she aligns herself with requires a unique and innovative way of work. In a world overly saturated with social media influencers, Idalia distinguishes the glitter from the gold, leaving her mark in the industry as an authentic and genuine. Known for being extremely selective on the projects and brands she aligns herself with, ISConsulting’s mission statement is to inspire, inform, and empower. 

Also an enthusiastic public-speaker, Idalia makes time to speak at key international conferences to share her knowledge of the space while also gaining a wider and more global perspective about the industry. It is through these speaking engagements that Idalia strives to foster a community that values greater knowledge and the kind of efficient and kindly professional integrity that ensures the survival and growth of the digital age.

To learn about what her clients have to say about her work, please visit the Testimonial Page



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